Open Mic

Last night we played the Open Mic night at Red Devil Lounge. KC Turner was a great host once again! Huge turnout as well! We met a lot of cool people and enjoyed being there. It was nice to be in good company and hear some good music! We also got to meet our new friend Alan Monasch. It was nice to meet him in person! We played well and had fun!
Today we are gearing up for our gig at Gaia’s Garden in Santa Rosa. We have never played there before and are looking forward to playing for some new faces! We will be joined by keyboard player Nate Prowse this evening. Nate will start the night off with an acoustic piano set at 7, and we will join him for our set at 8 and play til they tell us to go home! Come on down if your hungry they have great food! Hope to see you all soon!

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