“Home is where I want to be, but I guess I’m already there.” -Talking Heads

To the good people of the Girls & Boys Newsletter,

Home is everywhere! Our West Coast Tour is officially under way! With Josh and Brianna soloing (or duoing) it up and down Cali, we’ve got our first dates booked from San Luis Obispo to Sonoma and will only reach further in all directions. May we say, we feel so much gratitude for your recognition and support of our efforts. Your encouragement along this path has made and continues to make all the difference! As always, Girls & Boys has some new and exciting news to share with you and much in store for the future. Read on, girls and boys…

-News Update-
WE DID IT! And with your help! Girls & Boys are the proud recipients of this years North Bay Bohemian Music Award for Best Indie Artist! What an honor. We really couldn’t keep from pinching ourselves through the whole process, and now, with a gold record under our arm we march on to the next juncture knowing how much support we really, truly have. It means the world.
Thank you, everyone!!

In other big announcements, “The End” the first track off our debut album The Feel of the Sun, recently aired on Episode 7 (entitled “Dream Come True”) of Showtime’s reality TV-series The Real L Word! You can check it out here:

We have a date at the San Francisco’s legendary Fillmore coming up! If you haven’t checked out the line-up, we are starting off the night in the famous Poster Room, sharing a bill with the rising Swedish sister duo, First Aid Kit. If you haven’t heard them, treat your ears to some tastiness and after that get your tickets for the show on October 17th here:

Still to come is the major motion picture, Divorce Invitation featuring four more of our original tunes, set for release in the very near future. So keep on keeping your eyes and ears open!

We’ll keep you posted and updated as we go along, (and you’ll find our show dates below) but for more regular and accurate updates on what Girls & Boys are up to you can…

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-Upcoming Shows-

Sep. 11th  6 pm  Park Chalet (Golden Gate Park) San Francisco, CA

Sep. 16th  3pm   Lake Chalet                               Oakland, CA

Sep. 16th  9 pm  Toad in the Hole Pub                Santa Rosa, CA

Sep. 18th  8 pm  Sweet Springs Saloon              San Luis Obispo, CA

Sep. 21st  6 pm  Hard Rock Cafe                        San Francisco, CA

Sep. 23rd 1:40pm Sculpterra Winery                   Paso Robles, CA

Sep. 29th 12:30pm Marin Country Mart Courtyard Larkspur, CA

Sep. 29th  9 pm  Hopmonk Sonoma                     Sonoma, CA

Sep. 30th  9 pm  Toad in the Hole Pub                 Santa Rosa, CA

Oct.  5th    9 pm  Hopmonk                                   Sebastopol, CA                Pat Jordan Band

Oct. 6th     9 pm The Fuel Dock                            Morro Bay, CA

Oct. 9th     6 pm Park Chalet (Golden Gate Park) San Francisco, CA

Oct. 13th  11:00am Marin Country Mart(Farmers Mkt) Larkspur, CA

Oct. 13th   8 pm  Bazaar Cafe                              San Francisco, CA

Oct. 17th   7 pm  The Fillmore (Poster Room)      San Francisco, CA            First Aid Kit

Oct. 20th   noon  Dover Winery – Harvest Festival Paso Robles, CA

Oct. 21      9 pm  Toad in the Hole Pub                 Santa Rosa, CA

Nov. 4th    9 pm  Toad in the Hole Pub                 Santa Rosa, CA

Nov. 9th    8 pm  Steynberg Gallery                      San Luis Obispo, CA         Jody Mulgrew

Nov. 16th  6 pm  Garagiste                                   Healdsburg, CA

Nov. 18th  9 pm  Toad in the Hole                        Santa Rosa, CA

We are currently playing every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month at Toad in the Hole Pub in Santa Rosa

Take care Girls & Boys!

Til’ next time

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