Song Radio

We have been hard at work recording demos of our new material, working on setting up a new studio, rehearsing and gigging. Things are moving forward for us with the song “I Would” being put into regular rotation on the KRUSH 92.5 in San Luis Obsipo!! We are working on getting our song “Wanna” and another song in a movie coming out next year as well. Most of our time has been spent writing new material and rehearsing with new found musicians. It has been a productive month with a lot of travel as well. It has been a sacrifice moving out of our home, hitting the road and staying with family and friends but it is paying off and things are looking awesome for the upcoming year. We have learned a lot about the music business in the last year and are going to put it to use for ourselves in the coming months and make our music sustainable! Hope you are all well and we hope to see you soon!

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